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innovee product
  • The nocospray is a device developed around a heating and ionizing turbine that sprays the nocolyse liquid transformed into a dry fog. The concept developed by OXY’PHARM is device-product combination.
  • The combination of speed and temperature during spraying ionizes the emitted particles and degrades the peroxide into highly oxidizing free radicals – very short-lived ‘superoxide’ ions. As this degradation is fast, no volatile organic compounds are generated.
  • In this non-wetting fog, the particle size (5 µ on average) ensures a slow and perfectly uniform sedimentation on every square centimeter of the treated premises with no humidity.
  • The treatment consists of 2 phases: spraying + contact time
    For instance, below is the duration of the preventive treatment for a 50 m3 room:
    * Spraying = 3 minutes* Contact time = 30 minutes* Total duration of the daily disinfection = 33 minutes
  • For curative treatment = the contact time should be at least 1 hour.


  • It is quick, Require only 30 minutes contact time.
  • No requirement of moping after the completion of fumigation process because it produces non wetting fog.
  • During the process no need to cover your equipments as the fog is non – corrosive.