About Us

About Us

INNOVEE is a Mumbai based company with an extensive dealer network across the nation dealing in various medical and health care equipment and services. TRUST, INNOVATION, QUALITY, AND RELIABILITY are the four core pillars to which we adhere and practice ethically in maintaining these principles.

Team INNOVEE believes in providing health care products and services and support for a better life through customer-friendly means. Thus fostering a healthy relationship with customers, paving a path to a lead in dealership in the medical and health care industry. Team INNOVEE brings with it the energy and flexibility of a small organization with the depth and strength of a larger one. At INNOVEE we strive to achieve excellence in the products and services delivered through continuous and timely amendments, improvisations based on changing time, technology, and needs. INNOVEE meets today’s challenges of the health care system by creating and providing quick and effective solutions – by delivering not just equipment but better care, satisfaction, and happiness to more and more consumers.

Vision :

To be a global leader by providing quality products and services. In this constantly changing and fast-paced world, it is utmost necessary to provide value-for-money, unique solutions through innovation. Team INNOVEE envisions to improve quality of life by provision of new technology with hassle-free services.

Mission :

To improve the lives of many with high-quality, extended health care services and products even outside the hospital walls. This mission we envisage to achieve through our vision for innovation.