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Vinno X35 Salient Features:

  • Innovative RF platform (the first in the world)
    The revolutionary RF platform, The First In The World, removes the limitation on hardware pre-processing and demodulation of traditional ultrasound platform. This allows all radio frequency signal for computing and processing, which is approximately dozens of times of data size than current traditional ultrasound is using, with the advantageof retaining more information and getting more accurate RF raw data for post processing. It results in much better image quality in resolution and contrast. This platform also has higher frequency range which can support probe from 1-25MHz.The intuitive work flow and user interface make it ease of use. And continuous improvement is our commitment always.
  • VFusion- Spatial Compound Imaging
    Phase inversion harmonic imaging greatly improves contrast to have better image clarity.
  • ATO – Auto Optimization
    This feature automatically optimizes B mode image based on overall grayscale to generate better tissue imaging. It also
    automatically adjusts PRF and baseline of pulse wave Doppler to fit display screen.
  • Auto Trace in PW/CW
    Automatically trace pulse wave of Doppler to display measurement result both in freeze and real time mode.